Welcome to the night shift!

For mavericks, mavens, and moonlighters. For fixers, for fighters, for flies on the wall. For alley cats, bookworms, and barn owls; for smugglers, for lovers, for freaks. For sharpshooters, hot-heads, and easy riders; for guards, ghosts, and gumshoes; for truckers and time-travelers; for friends and foes alike. For pushers, puzzlers, prayers, poachers, punks, prawns, and pyros. For street sweepers, singers, and slip-ups; for hustlers, helpers, and howlers. For gamblers, geckos, go-getters and goons. Not. For. Couch. Potatoes! For bats, barflies, and bedroom eyes; for show-stoppers, for side-steppers. For state secrets, for science. For all-around, stand-up guys. For you, for me, for girl next door. For nothing, for no one. For now.