Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I am going out in the rain for
1. Flonase
2. Whiskey
3. Toilet paper.
Jane said in a pinch, merge 1 & 2. I’m not sure if she means swallow Flonase or pour whiskey up my nose. Luckily they have all 3 at Walgreens, plus notebooks.


Dear Diary,

This could be the hardest rain I’ve seen here. I got what I needed but no notebook. Diary, what kind of world are we living in where Walgreen’s carries wide-ruled, but not college-ruled, composition books? I’m deeply concerned for our country.

“For example, take the kind of breath you would use to smell a flower.”

Dear Diary,

They say whiskey cures everything and I know that’s not true but it sure cures a lot of things. It’s damn hot in the house even though it’s raining. It feels good in the rain, inside from the rain. I’m steamed buns right now. It feels right. I feel right.

“For example, take the kind of breath you would use to smell the space between a man’s ear and his shoulder blade as he holds you, tightly.”



I don’t know why I’m addressing you at all and not writing something more sophisticated, but it’s probably because the first CD I ever bought was Oops!… I Did It Again, and I can never change that. I was nine. I buzzed with anticipation on the side of my bed chipping my teeth on the plastic underneath the cellophane wrapping. I had no idea what but I knew I was… onto something

Dear Diary
Today I saw a boy
I wondered if he
noticed me.
He took my breath away

Dear Diary
There is no
greater love
than what I feel

Dear Diary
I’m so glad
I’m so, so glad.

Dear Diary
I just want to
turn you down
I just want to
turn you around

Dear Diary
Make not a bond
of love,
but let it be
a moving sea

Dear Diary
It’s a long
long way

Dear Diary
Instead of morn

arises a bright
like an eye

Dear Diary
I got the key
to the highway.

Dear diary,
It’s a dog
eat dog world
out there
isn’t it?

Dear Diary,
Only those
who died young
follow her.



Dear Diary,

It’s 8 AM and I’m at the kitchen table with my head cocked, drinking iced tea sideways. I feel pretty fantastic, considering. I have that feeling like I’m onto something. It’s a fucking beautiful morning and it really is that beautiful. The only thing I’m worried about is I haven’t seen Lee’s cat in two days. Dear cat, you’re not my cat, but I love you. I love you so much. You’re the first cat I ever loved. You’re the first cat I ever even liked… Sweet cat. Sweet old cat. Seventeen years on this earth, cat. Hope you’re OK.


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